DB is looking for female officers that are willing to volunteer their time and expertise to help an all-female community continue to thrive! Below you will find a description of all the positions available. You do not have to be a current member in order to apply as an officer, but you will be going through a two-week minimum trial period to ensure you are a good fit for the position. After reviewing the responsibilities for all the positions listed below, please fill out our application form


Coordinates all things YouTube. A YouTube manager must be comfortable with video editing, and works together with the Twitch Manager to get important streamed content transferred to YouTube (Tournaments, Death Blossoms University, etc). Additional duties involve creating a compilation video including recent DB gameplay at least once a month. SEO and analytics knowledge is a plus!


A Social Media Guru. Responsible for posting and responding on DB’s Twitter account. A unique Tweet at least once per week is a good start, with daily engagement in the form of Retweets and Replies. Are you quick-witted, spell like a champ and can meme like the best of them? This is perfect for you.


Manages the DB Twitch Team. Encourages streamers within the community to join the Twitch Team, updates the Google Calendar stream schedule, ensures there are no overlapping streams, and provides technical assistance to streamers that need help setting up their streams. Twitch Manager will ensure all DB events are covered via stream. This may involve the Manager being the one to spectate and stream the event herself, so being able to stream Overwatch without lag is a big requirement. Aside from this, you must be able to coordinate one community stream event per month (charity stream, creative weekend, etc). Lastly, the Twitch Manager will be given access to the DB Twitter and will handle advertising the streams on Twitter, and the Death Blossoms Discords.


Regularly hosts weekly Pick Up Games on the DB server (can be open to DBF as well). Makes announcements, hosts lobbies, and balances teams. Looking for someone with a friendly and inviting attitude to help encourage people to participate. The ability to livestream the event is a plus.


Generates content for our DB website. Must have some familiarity with WordPress. Content can be articles, artwork, videos, anything creative and unique. Together, the team is expected to come up with one post per week (not per individual). This can include encouraging content creation from other community members as well so the ability to proofread and edit submissions is expected. Will work closely with our Website Coordinator.