Before applying to Death Blossoms, please read over our rules.┬áPlease keep in mind it may take up to a week or more before you’re contacted back after applying.

1. Don’t be an asshole. This includes teabagging in games, talking shit in chat, insulting other people, etc. Being arrogant or condescending is not gonna fly here.

2. Zero discrimination is allowed. If you need clarification on this point, then this community is not for you.

3. Stay positive! Our general chats should not be a place for you to unload heavy emotional stories or express mental health crises. Please understand that we are not asking you to hide or suppress certain aspects of yourself. We simply ask that you keep in mind the spirit in which this community was founded and that there are appropriate limits to the type and amount of support you should receive from it. We strongly encourage members struggling with personal issues to seek offline help from family or professionals.

4. DB is toxicity-free! We all get frustrated and tilt occasionally, but don’t take it out on your teammates. Recognize when you’re losing your cool and take some time to experience tranquility. Sit out of a game, take the night off, get some chocolate – but don’t lash out at your teammates.

5. Cursing in the community is fine, but do not use discriminatory language or offensive slurs. We do not actively monitor your social media outside of the DB community server, however if we do come across any hate speech (racism/homophobia/religious bigotry/etc), whether DB is mentioned or not, you will be banned from the community. Please note that DB as an organization is nonpolitical.

6. Inactivity of 30+ days will result in a server kick. If you know you will be gone for an amount of time exceeding that time frame, please notify a Recruiting Officer so you may keep your spot on the server. If you are kicked for inactivity, you are always welcome to re-apply and go through the recruitment process again. Being “active” includes posting in our chat channels (once a month is OK), participating in community events, or being on a DB team. Either of these options qualify as activity.