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Hello dear blog readers, and welcome back to our newest mini series, Sunday Setups! Today I will be chatting with the lovely MiddiMidori. Please read on to learn about the specifics of her gaming set up and how she got it to where it is now!

Stardust (SD): Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. Would you do the honors of starting out this interview by introducing yourself?
MiddiMidori (MM): Hi! I am MiddiMidori or you can call me Middi. I have been with Death Blossoms since April 2018 and am a Mercy (257 Hours) and Junkrat main (178 hours). I am projectile DPS and co-team captain for Belladonna. I also help work on some of the events in DB when necessary. I’ve been gaming since I was elementary with the N64 but have been hardcore PC gaming since about 2 years ago. My favorite games currently are Overwatch (of course) and Monster Hunter.

SD: Excellent, thank you for that! Now to dive right in: what do you like about your current setup?
MM: I love the cooler temperatures and can run 95% of my games with 60-70 FPS.

SD: What do you want to change (if anything)?
MM: If I were to change anything I would change my graphics card which would require a lot of other changes that go with it.

SD: I can understand why that might be a change you don’t just make on a whim! Are there any challenges that came about with the setup decision wise or logistically?
MM: We had to change how we cooled my temperatures. They were hitting 80 degree Celcius pretty regularly during games and dropping frames for me constantly. We modded my graphics card with the Kraken and its since been about 50 degree Celcius ever since then.

SD: How would you say your setup has helped or hindered you when it comes to playing your favorite games?
MM: It has 100% helped. I use to use my old MSI laptop from 2014 when I played League of Legends a lot. That was a struggle to use and having a nice desktop computer has made my gameplay immesely better.

SD: Do you primarily game only or do you use it for streaming, etc?
MM: I use to use my computer for streaming but my boyfriend also streams so we would hit lag spikes in streams so we decided to make a third computer that is only used for streaming. So we have currently 3 gaming PCs in our little setup.

SD: With all things considered, how long did it take you to get your setup where it is now? Do you foresee any major or minor changes in the coming months?
MM: It took about a year. I would basically change the graphics card and that’s about it!

SD: Since you built and did some modifications on your own PC, do you have any tips or suggestions for those looking to do so themselves?
MM: Do not buy a mini Zotac. Literally so many issues with it which is why we modded it with the Kraken cooler. Make sure you choose the right case, this one is my third one. The first two were a smaller and medium size. 100% choose a tower!

Here are Middi’s computer specs if you are interested:
MSI H170i Pro ac
Core i5 6600 Cooled by Cryorig H7
Zotac GTX1060 6GB Mini modded with NZXT Kraken x31 cooler
16GB G.Skill DDR 2400
EVGA G2 550w PSU
NZXT S340 Elite Case
Chair is AK Racing
Headphones are SteelSeries
One monitor is LG Ultrawide, the other is Lenovo


Thank you to MiddiMidori for inviting us into her space for this Sunday Setups! Would you like to be featured on the Death Blossoms blog with your set up?! All you have to do is fill out at the form here! Thank you for stopping by, and check back soon for some more awesome insights into how the ladies of DB game!


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