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Greetings! Our Friday Feature today is the official DB Twitch channel! In the last few months, DB has been making a big push to keep our channel active and exciting with new content every week. From streaming our monthly tournaments and charity events, to covering weekly PUGs and team practices, we’ve kept a regular schedule that has recently awarded us with Twitch Affiliate. Thanks to all the supportive members and teams within DB (and our lovely friends!), we are continuing to work towards a goal of providing more resources for our community.

One of the many long-term missions we have at Death Blossoms is to help our streamers gain exposure. Solidifying our own DB Twitch channel takes us a step closer to achieving that goal. We are incredibly thankful for the awesome ladies that have been streaming for us, and as we continue to grow that channel, we hope to return that appreciation in the future! – DB Admins

Our stream schedule is always posted on our website’s calendar, but our current weekly schedule for our teams and weekly events is below (all times in EST).

We also want to celebrate our Twitch Affiliate with an Affiliate party! We are hosting a 24-hour stream next week, starting on Saturday, July 7th @ 12pm EST. If you’re a DB member and you’d like to stream for a block, we’re still taking sign ups (if you’re a current member in our Discord, check out #events-info). Otherwise, definitely stop by and cheer on our girls! If you haven’t already, throw us a follow. And remember, if you have Twitch Prime, you can use your free sub to support DB! All of the money earned on our Twitch channel goes directly back into the community.

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