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All of the members of Death Blossoms know of our amazing teams that we so proudly support and house in our community. But who are the ladies behind these fierce teams? In today’s team feature, conducted by Ivydragon and Stardust, we meet Wolfsbane, the oldest team within the DB family. We’ll get to hear their thoughts on the competitive community, and get feedback on what has held them together as a team for over a year now.

Stardust: Who are the members of Team Wolfsbane and what roles do each of you typically play? Who are your favorite/most played heroes?

Nuka (Co-Team Captain): Myself, LilyKitsune, Zadca, Memequeen, Queen, and Tomato are the “usual” players you’ll see attending scrims. LilyKitsune is our Rein/all-around murder specialist. Zadca is our off-tank/occasional Brigette. MemeQueen and I play supports. Queen and Tomato are our DPS specialists. LilyKitsune and Queen typically do a lot of the shot calling, what ults to use, where to go, what our plan is, etc.

It is obvious from the get-go that this team is extremely supportive of one another and are proud to play together. Shortly into the interview the team began excitedly lauding one another on their accomplishments as a team. LilyKitsune, for example, was much loved for her Rein.

NyxRose: LilyKitsune is the bravest Reinhardt player in the universe and her pins are 99.9 percent accurate.

Zadca: Wolfsbane is literally just the Lily survival squad, we scream and she kills things. We also occasionally clean up the mess she makes.

LilyKitsune: Is there anti-blushing medication? D:

Nuka: I’m pretty sure I said one scrim “I’m gonna go Lucio and speed boost Lily into the enemy team and then we win ok? ok go”

We then decided to ask the ever curious question that we think people frequently consider when playing other teams and seeing amazing plays made:  When these girls joined Wolfsbane, were these the roles they were comfortable in? Or has there been a learning period where people have swapped roles/heroes?

LilyKitsune shares she has been a main tank since day one, but other players such as Nuka have gone through many periods of growth on the team.

Nuka: Personally I’ve been tossed around roles as the roster changed. I am a support main and started WB as a support main. I then switched to off-tank and then to DPS. I was then back on support and am possibly going to be put back on DPS again depending on the current roster changes. It’s definitely been a learning process. Nyx was also support, then DPS and then main tank and then off-tank. (“I just fill as we need” Nyx adds.)

Zadca is also no stranger to constant role swapping. She gave a nice insight on why hero swaps are necessary when working with a team.

Zadca: I started as a Dva main but enabling Lily has been a lot of learning how to play Zarya in situations I would have normally wanted to run Winston and Dva. The way Lily plays Rein you can 100% play dive around it tho. It’s a lifestyle, not a comp. Trust your fellow tank.

Each teammate acknowledges they each play a part in making the team tick, and their own responsibilities can be crucial to their overall success.

These roles, while cornerstones of the members, are not always the same. We found out that many of the girls, while they love the role they play on Wolfsbane, are also happy to play much different heroes: such as Zadca who will aggressively play off-tank but will Sombra without question when asked because she truly enjoys playing as her. Nuka mentions she has many favorites to play, but Mercy is where she finds herself most relaxed and enjoying herself.

So far the interview gave us a nice idea of who the girls behind Wolfsbane are and what they each bring to the team, but let’s dive into the leadership. Leading a lady wolf-pack into battle is no easy task, so how do Nyx and Nuka manage to do it?

IvyDragon: Do you feel having two captains allows flexibility in the leadership role of captain?

NyxRose: I’m not sure how it works for other teams, but it works for me and Nuka because we get along pretty well. Basically, I do the booking of scrims, scheduling, and Nuka leads the scrims. We make joint decisions on things that relate to the team. I generally do communications with DB, other scrim partners, potential recruits since Nuka is not comfortable with it. It also works because there isn’t really a power dynamic or any control issues, we all just want what’s best for the team.

As we read the co-captains response regarding their two captain role for Wolfsbane, we learn they are the only remaining members of the original Wolfsbane roster.

Stardust: Do you know why Wolfsbane was chosen as the name to describe your team? Do you use the original mission statement and team icon/logo or has that possibly changed as well?

Nuka: we had a vote

Nuka: since all team names had to be ‘flower’ names, I think Belladonna was on the list, along with Dahlia

Nuka: I think Nyx’s vote was the deciding vote on Wolfsbane

NyxRose: We use the original mission statement and the beautiful art was designed by Piglet with careful thought.

Nuka: she drew that up in 10 minutes, lmao

Nuka: but we love our logo

And it is quite beautiful and majestic.

IvyDragon then asked a very good question: Was the Wolf theme kind of a reason around picking it, or did you guys kind of grow into that aesthetic?

Nuka: We grew into it

Nuka: It was easier to identify with a wolf pack as a team than as a flower

This was an interesting perspective that neither of us expected from what we felt was a simple prodding question to find out how Wolfsbane’s unique logo represented them.

Ivydragon had the next question for Team WB: Alright, so say someone is tuning in to a Wolfsbane scrim on twitch for the first time; what would you want them to know about your team?

These answers varied widely and they were an excellent representation of the fun-loving, laid-back team that Wolfsbane is.

LilyKitsune: “Milo is a mischievous cat”

Piglet: It’s gonna be noisy

Nuka: Memequeen also has Cooper, a very large and loud dog who can add… flavor to the scrims lol

After sharing about how Milo often enjoys trying to sabotage Zadca mid-game and the various reasons for shrieks, screams, and bursts of laughter that the team often hears from one another in practice and scrims, we decided to ask a more serious, nitty-gritty question.

Stardust: For the team as a collective: Is the goal of your team to have a group to play together regularly or to focus on the more competitive side of Overwatch (the ELO ladder, tournaments, etc.)?

For the players individually: what is your personal goal when playing Overwatch?

NyxRose: The team has always been in the awkward spot of being competitive yet casual. We scrim regularly with diamond/masters teams, but many of us are unable to commit to a more rigorous schedule with VOD reviews, coaching, etc. I know some of us want us to be more competitive and take it more serious, so we are still trying to find that balance. In the past, we have wanted to do tournaments such as ESL weeklies, but right now… we mostly just scrim and do rank on our own.

NyxRose: Many of our members are in school, have full-time jobs, other passions and commitments.. so Overwatch for some members is just a pastime and a way to relax while playing a fun video game.

Each of the girls has strong goals they wish to achieve, some different from another, but ultimately all follow the same passion and desire: to play with a group that has good synergy and works as not only a team but a family. Anyone with team experience may understand where NyxRose and all of Wolfsbane is coming from. Many of the teams in DB as a whole are trying to find that balance of improving individually, and as a team, while also keeping the game a fun escape from everyday stresses and pressures of school, work, and daily life.

Being the oldest team in DB, most of the members have had their fair share of time within our wonderful community. We were interested to see what is their favorite part of being on a Death Blossoms team.

Stardust: What do you think is the best part of playing on a team here in Death Blossoms?

Zadca: Bullying each other in DB events—I mean… community and friendship! Serious answer though, being able to connect with one another is huge, and I think it really speaks to the intent overwatch has as a game despite seas of salt and rage we often encounter in the main game modes.

Nuka: I think just the freedom to be ourselves. A lot of times in competitive, at least for me, I don’t speak. If I feel the team out and think “ok, they don’t seem toxic”, I might make callouts. Maybe. If it’s important. Like a flanking McCree that I know has deadeye. But I’ve had experiences in competitive that weren’t nice, weren’t friendly, etc. It just wasn’t a good time. With DB and WB, I feel comfortable and free to be myself, to talk during games, and I really trust everyone to just not be dicks. DB is a wholesome pack of nerds that are good people.

Stardust: Nuka touched on something we wanted to ask you about as well: How has your experience been as an all-female team when participating in outside tournaments/scrims? What about outside Overwatch competitive community in general?

Nuka: For the most part, scrim partners are good. We’ve had a few teams where the other team was… not professional, not nice. Rude or flaky. But those are few and far between. After scrims, we like to check Twitch to see if the other team streamed their scrim against us, to see their comms and how they read what we were doing/if we were effective, etc. And usually, we find that a lot of them, at some point, notice the number of Mercy hours our team has collectively. And then they just don’t take us seriously, or they make jokes about it. The usual shit. That’s annoying.

NyxRose: But most of those scrim partners are blacklisted and we don’t play with them again. We are pretty selective. I think the majority of our experiences have been quite positive though in the scrim environment. Competitive Overwatch is a whole different beast though.


Stardust: Has the behavior within the competitive community turned you off from playing as much as you did previously? Or are you of the camp that you’ll still play but you ignore the majority of comms/leave entirely?

Zadca: This season I’ve relied a lot more on alternate accounts just to avoid the usual mercy main trash comments. Also /hidechat is a godsend

Nuka: I actually play more Competitive now these days than any other game mode. I think I actually prefer the risks of toxicity just to have a group of people who at some level want to win. Like in QP I will see 5 people pick DPS and then I sit there like… why. Why would this be fun for me to heal? In Competitive, I simply won’t talk if I feel the team environment isn’t healthy. And if it’s toxic I just leave voice chat. They’re not contributing anything worthwhile at that point so there’s no difference.

We knew and related to these experiences all too well; as Nyx said, competitive Overwatch is a beast and one you had to come at with a clear, focused mind and patience.

Stardust: On a more light-hearted note, since WB is the oldest team here in DB (despite all of the changes, you’ve come back time and time again!) what advice would you give to new players looking to form teams? What do you feel allows you to successfully bring different people together to form a tight-knit group?

Zadca: Don’t expect everyone to instantly mesh. Know yourself first before you try to team. And be willing to accept that sometimes you aren’t a good fit with everyone. Don’t let playing become a chore. If you don’t enjoy playing together it shows.

Nuka: A good lengthy trial period is necessary because of what Zadca said. Once you do form a team, play together outside of scrims. I don’t mean all 6 have to be there. But play QP, or Arcade, or another game entirely with members of your team. You want good bonds to form so that scrim communications are easier.

Ivydragon: Okay, so on the opposite note of not enjoying playing together, you guys have been talking a lot about some good times with each other. So for each of you: what has been one of the most memorable moments on the team for you so far?

Zadca: Any time we scrim a new team tbh. The panic and gushing is always A+.

Nuka: Honestly I like the little things, like… in one of our last scrims, Lily was off being a murderball and meanwhile Tomato and I found their Lucio hiding in a corner. He waved, we waved. And then we let him go. It was a fun moment. I like Zadca laughing at things that happen, like me sleep darting a Tracer into a pit. Piglet makes the GREATEST noises when she’s panicking.

Zadca: I laugh a lot. If I’m not screaming I’m laughing.

Nuka: I also love when our team coordination really comes together, ult economy is great, it really feels like we’re controlling the game. We had a great game on Horizon like that a few weeks ago. I think of it fondly, and I hate that map.

Nuka: oh! I can think of a great moment, but it was before most of the current roster. During a tournament, we had Juawia as our Rein. It was King’s Row. We’d just lost a team fight on the first point (defending) and were grouping up for the next fight when we realized we had time to contest. So we ran in there, Juawia shattered the entire team, we wiped them and held the point and won the map.

Through talking with Team Wolfsbane we realized just how much of a little family they have become. We asked for clips or videos of some of their favorite moments and we were provided with the following.

Zadca and LilyKitsune have that psychic connection…  (another POV)

Juawia helps the team contest in a clutch play:

If after learning about Wolfsbane you’re interested in following them on Twitch you can find their links below. Tune in for scrims and some great teamwork and wholesome support.

Nuka’s twitch:

Zadca’s twitch:

[Nuka usually streams their scrims and Zadca said the best time to catch them live with scrims/practice is Wednesdays.]

This has been our first deep dive featuring a Death Blossoms team and we look forward to bringing you more. Keep an eye out for our Team Tuesday posts and next get to know our second oldest team, Aris. If you thought the wolf pack was a force to be reckoned with, get ready for our Snake Squad!


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