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This week’s Friday Feature is a member that streams weekly and also uploads videos to YouTube, it’s none other than Goon! Here’s some info about Goon and what she does online:

Hey nerds. I’m Molly, aka Goon, 21 and from Wales. I joined Death Blossoms in September 2017.

Active Overwatch player since release. Master rank since season 3. I main Ana, Junkrat and Zenyatta, although my experience has made me a pretty flexible player. I participate in scrims three times a week and and go to local tournaments too.

I stream daily and post YouTube videos weekly; my channel is mostly Overwatch gameplay and voice impressions. I’ve had a blast bring the Overwatch community together through my content over YouTube, Twitch and Discord for the past year or so.

I do a pretty good Tracer impression. I’ve been mingling with the Overwatch fandubbing community for just over a year, they’re a good bunch.

The Death Blossoms have been super welcoming, the events are always a delight to attend. I’m eager to put my experience into an Overwatch community as supportive as DB, for women as enthusiastic as I am.

Don’t forget to follow Goon on Twitter @GiddyGoons


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