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September’s Blossom of the Month is Trippid! When Trippid isn’t playing with team Aris, she can be found participating in various events in Death Blossoms and helping out other members of the community. Overall Trippid is a very positive member of the community, and this is well deserved! Here’s what two members of the community also had to say about her:

“Trippid is always there in Jodem’s Play of the Game, providing moral support and assistance while the enemy screams in terror. In Kodem’s words, “Solid 8/10 Zarya, would play with again. She lost 2 points for playing Zenyatta sometimes.”” – Nominator

“Trippid has always stepped up during events to help set up custom games, get teams together and keep the event going. On top of that you can always expect the most positive attitude and a genuine want to help people, so when I think of who deserves Blossom of the Month, of course it’s gotta be her!” – Nominator

  1. What is your name and what gametag do you primarily go by?

    I go by Ali in real life (it’s a nickname, I’ll give a high five to whoever guesses my real name haha). In games I either go by Trippid or Tilted_Logic; I’m not tilted, I’ve had that nickname since before the internet made it a thing, I swear!

  2. How long have you been a gamer and what got you into gaming?

    When the original Half Life came out in 1998 I was 8 years old, and I used to sit on a stool in my dad’s home office and watch him play. I attribute those days watching aliens lunge at Gordon Freeman in the corridors of Black Mesa to sparking my love for both science and gaming. At some point later on my dad purchased a PS2 and an N64 and I’d play Donkey Kong, FFX and Ratchet & Clank (it’s still the bomb), but it was all pretty casual and limited to when I wasn’t outside running around with friends. My biggest gaming achievement as a kid was probably mastering Dig Dug – a little PC arcade game that I’d play whenever I was ignoring homework. I was actually good enough to almost get a place on the world scoreboard, but the match that would have put me there was right at dinner time, and I had questionable priorities at that age.

    When I was about 14 a friend introduced me to World of Warcraft, which was probably the first non-arcade game I played seriously. And I mean seriously. I was part of the most hardcore and demanding guild on my server that would clear raid content before anyone else, and I was our best melee dps to boot. (She was my favourite character to play in any game ever so I’m slightly prideful haha). To this day I have never felt like I’ve mastered a character as perfectly as I mastered my enhancement shaman, and I still miss it from time to time. Being in a guild like that did however mean I didn’t have time to play much else. So it wasn’t until I quit WoW a few years ago – and thanks to the huge array of friends I met along the way – that I was seriously introduced to FPS gaming and from there branched out into a multitude of other genres.   

  3. What other games have you played?

    My favourite genres are probably FPS, RPGs and puzzle games. So some of my favourite series are Half Life, Mass Effect, Ratchet & Clank, Deus Ex, Portal, Dragon Age and Borderlands. I also absolutely adore the Talos Principle, Mirror’s Edge, Titanfall, Ark, Psychonauts, Machinarium and Bulletstorm. (I freaking love Bulletstorm). But honestly, anything that has a great parkour system will hook me – it’s probably my favourite mechanic in gaming.

  4. When and why did you originally start playing Overwatch? What do you like about the game?

    Originally I had no interest in Overwatch. I avoided trailers for it because I didn’t want to get suckered in. Having kicked a World of Warcraft addiction I was pretty reluctant to give Blizzard any more money and figured I’d be better off if I just knew nothing about the game. That of course didn’t last with most of my friends telling me how amazing the beta was. So thanks to a lot of poking and prodding from said friends, I picked the game up shortly after release.

    What always keeps me coming back to Overwatch is the variety in each match: the team compositions can be entirely unexpected, so you have to play the map differently each time. I also love that there are so many characters – if I’m feeling bored with a certain hero, I can play someone with a completely different playstyle. It’s not just a standard shooter, where whoever gets the drop on someone wins, it’s about balance and countering. You can strategize mid match, you can make changes. You’re not at a disadvantage just because the enemy saw you first. It really is a game of skill, and I love that.

  5. What heroes do you mainly play and what do you enjoy about each hero?

    My main right now is Zarya, and I honestly don’t know how it happened. I remember playing her the odd time in QP and just not understanding her at all. Then at some point in season 3 I picked her up and it just clicked immediately. As someone that loves tanking in MMOs, I love the challenge that comes with a character like Zarya. You protect your team, but you have limited options. You need to constantly be cognizant of enemy cooldowns, so if a Roadhog has his hook up or a Rein might charge you’re ready to bubble. You need to be aware of your own team and their positioning so you can get them out of those rough spots. And lastly, you have probably the toughest Ult in the game to land properly. You have to be aware whether the enemy Genji has deflect up, if will eat it, if they have a Rein that will just shield all the damage, if the Mercy is going to be caught in so you can prevent her from rezzing. You also have to be aware who you can combo with. Are they alive? Are they in a good spot? Is your bubble up to cover them? Do you need them? Are you high enough charge to use the Ult and wipe out some of the team yourself? It can sometimes be a slow building ult, so it’s one of the more painful ones to whiff.

    Honestly I love (and sometimes hate) Zarya because she’s so challenging. You have to be aware of practically everything on the battlefield at all times. But because of that, she’s one of the most satisfying characters I’ve played; when you get that perfect graviton surge, or you bubble someone that would have died to a Rein pin, you’ve turned the tide of battle.

    Aside from Zarya I absolutely love Zenyatta. His discord orbs give your team a great advantage, and he’s my go to pick for competitive because he compliments the dps so well. It’s also such a satisfying feeling when you start to master headshots and you can kill the flankers that were trying to pick you off.

    Orisa is also quickly becoming one of my favourites. I wanted to love Rein, but his immobility while shielding was always a point of contention for me. With Orisa, I can put down a shield to protect teammates, but I can also help control the battlefield with damage or by pulling the enemies into vulnerable spots. I think being a Zarya main has also helped with her Halt ability. Even though I botch the tether distance so often, I can still manage to pull people out from behind cover into a bomb or pull them into a Pharah ult, which is incredibly satisfying while also not including the strain that comes with trying to perfectly place Zarya’s graviton surge.

    My guilty pleasure is definitely Junkrat though. Arcing his grenades or ricocheting them at a perfect angle off a wall to kill someone is so satisfying. Plus his character is just all around hilarious, and I love wishing everyone a Happy Birthday for no reason.

  6. What is one hero in Overwatch you’d love to learn how to play and why?

    I promised Juawia I’d master McCree by next year so that I could finally put her Pharah down… so I should probably get on that haha.

    But realistically, I ended up a little shoehorned into a healer roll with the friends I started playing Overwatch with because they all mained DPS. Eventually I was able to branch out into tanking, but dps is still something I very rarely get to play, so in that vein I’d love to learn more dps characters – especially McCree.

  7. How did you find out about Death Blossoms?

    I was watching Melonie Mac on youtube one day and saw she had a video about wanting to put together an Overwatch team. (By this time, that video had been out long enough that instead of a single team, Death Blossoms had been formed). My own group of friends had very conflicting schedules when playing Overwatch, so I wanted to see if I could find some more people to play competitive with us. It just so happened I was a female, and Death Blossoms sounded like a fun group of people so I signed up for Twitter and sent DB a message. This was back before major recruitment had been done I think, so there was a very limited barrier to entry at that time. You guys didn’t know what you were in for haha!

  8. What do you like most about being in Death Blossoms? Any favorite memories or moments you’d like to share?

    I absolutely love the sense of community. It’s such a welcoming place, and I didn’t really realize it until I started playing more competitive Overwatch with randoms and had to deal with hostile environments on a daily basis. I adore our in-house scrims. The playful and hilarious banter, the praising of incredible plays regardless of which team you’re on, the laughter and ridiculous music Jodem makes us listen to while scrimming.

    I think my favourite moments are scrimming with Aris. The subtle waves Amanda gives out to people before she earth shatters them on Rein, Jodem’s amazing and histerical attack Torb (especially if she’s had anything to drink. Play with drunk Jodem. Do it). Fuyume’s game changing EMP combos on Sombra. Demi’s INSANE bombs and her always incredibly positive demeanor. Jennos’ hilarious deadpan humour. Electro charging straight at the enemy team as Sym and killing them all while we look on in shock. Lynnda crying literal tears of joy when we do something amazing.

    I do also have to bring up the Overwatch character voice overs for Death Blossoms University. I had such a hilarious time recording the lines for that. I would literally crack up after every recording, and it’s had a permanent impact on me because now whenever a character in game says a line I’ve mimicked, I can’t avoid doing the voice in my head. Sooo many times I’ve almost started talking like Zarya in voice chat during our scrims. I’ve managed to keep it under control… for now hahah.

  9. In regards to the clip you shared, why did you choose this one and what do you like about it?

    A little bit of background: this clip was taken a few months ago back during an Aris vs Bush scrim in the middle of the notorious Death Blossoms pizza war. So before the countdown to start the match had even finished people were already jokingly trying to switch teams to get away from the pizza blasphemers. We even had to pause the match to sort out whether Dominos was a worthwhile pizza chain (or at least I’m going to forever pretend that’s what that pause was for). So the match was off to a hilarious start.

    The actual focus of the clip is on my graviton surge. I threw it sort of willy nilly and all I caught was a Lucio. But the great thing about my teammate Jodem is the faith she has in me. She saw the graviton, so it didn’t matter how badly I botched it, she was completing that combo.

    …This was also the very first time Kaidas was acting as our coach and one of the first times he had been in voice chat with us as a team so to make up for that ridiculous grav I had to include the insane hold we had on the point in Overtime. It was one of our most impressive contests to date. Kaidas expected a lot from us after that hahaha.

    The rest of the clip just sort of highlights the hilarity of the situation and the amazing time we have scrimming on Team Aris. Solo ulting the Lucio has become one of our mission statements.

  10. Is there anything else you would like to add? Your social media links or maybe a shoutout?

    I want to say a huge thank you to Death Blossoms as a community. You all have been so fantastic and friendly and I’m so thankful to be a part of this amazing place. Thank you to all the admins and officers that dedicate so much time to keep everything running, and to the event organizers that keep putting on incredible events. I seriously get giddy when I see there’s a new post in the events channel hahaha.

    Lastly I have to give a shoutout to my team, Aris. You gals are some of the most friendly and encouraging people I know, and I love the laughter and lightheartedness we try to bring to all of our matches. Seriously, you’re all the best!

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