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August’s Blossom of the Month is Kaidas! Kaidas is a coach for 2 teams (Aris and Wolfsbane), and he’s also the Coach and Analyst lead here at Death Blossoms. He has proven to be a helpful member of the community time and time again, and is always willing to help any member with anything they might need. Here’s what two members of the community also had to say about Kaidas:

“He’s volunteered so much of his time to help our teams. Beyond that, he’s super friendly and welcoming towards everyone in the community. It’s very much appreciated!” – Nominator

“He coaches 2 of our teams and is just an awesome guy in general. PLUS he hates pineapple pizza. That’s always a good quality to have.” – Nominator

  1. What is your name and what gametag do you primarily go by?

    Mike, Ahriman

  2. How long have you been a gamer and what got you into gaming?

    Been gaming ever since I was a little kid. Started when my dad first showed me a flight sim.

  3. What other games have you played?

    I pretty much play anything. From first person shooters to RPG, Single player to MMOs. But I tend to play mostly FPS games.

  4. When and why did you originally start playing Overwatch? What do you like about the game?

    I used to be hooked to TF2. Once I heard about OW and what it had to offer, I knew I would be hooked. Love being able to select a character that is completely unique from the others and trying to figure out how to mesh with other players to complete a goal.

  5. What heroes do you mainly play and what do you enjoy about each hero?

    I mostly play Reinhardt, Pharah, and 76. Also been spending a lot of time getting the hang of Winston. Hard to say why I enjoy each character aside from the fact that each have their own special roles to play.

  6. What is one hero in Overwatch you’d love to learn how to play and why?

    Mcree or Genji. Mcree because he’s a higher burst damage hit-scan and Genji because … well its Genji.

  7. How did you find out about Death Blossoms?

    I found out about Death Blossoms through a buddy of mine (DaOutlaw) who was a coach for Wolfsbane.

  8. What do you like most about being in Death Blossoms? Any favorite memories or moments you’d like to share?

    Death Blossoms is a fun place to be. And favorite moment was the “Coach/Analyst” appreciation event!

  9. In regards to the clip you shared, why did you choose this one and what do you like about it?

    I chose this one because what started out as a HORRIBLE idea ended up being the best.

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