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July’s Blossom of the Month is no one other than Amna! Death Blossoms wouldn’t be the amazing community it is today without our wonderful admin Amna, and all of the hardwork that she does on a day-to-day basis. She is truly the heart of Death Blossoms, and as a nominator below said she’s really Blossom of the Year. Here’s what two members of the community also had to say about our lovely admin:

“Amna shouldn’t just be Blossom of the Month, she should seriously be Blossom of the Year. Amna has done SOOO much for the community from the very beginning and she has helped create the foundation for the team to continue to grow. She is one of the most approachable people in the community and is always ready and willing to help each and every member no matter who they are. She is an amazing leader and DB is SO lucky to have someone like her at the helm.” – Nominator

“She’s just literally the best and nicest person on this server..” – Nominator

    1. What is your name and what gametag do you primarily go by?

      Amna is my irl AND gamer name. I know, SO creative I am.

    2. How long have you been a gamer and what got you into gaming?

      I’ve been a PC gamer since…Summer of 2010. My then-boyfriend introduced me to Borderlands and I absolutely LOVED it (that’s right, ladies, I’m not* 12). I was instantly attracted to sniping and enjoyed lining up headshots. I loved the prediction element of the game, and especially liked the part where I was able to play with/against real people around the world. Though, this last part wasn’t fully realized until I picked up my favorite game of ALL TIME: Global Agenda.

    3. What other games have you played?

      I was SUPER into Global Agenda (2,000+ hours), and played Dirty Bomb as I was waiting for Overwatch to be released. I’ve also played Rift and Portal 1 & 2. Before PC I played a little bit of Playstation as a kid: Twisted Metal, Crash Bandicoot, and Rayman.

    4. When and why did you originally start playing Overwatch? What do you like about the game?

      I started playing when the game was released, and wanted to play it because it’s an FPS and it’s made by Blizzard (so it had to be good, right?). I am such a silly gamer – I do a lot of silly things all the time which results in me just sitting there laughing at myself. It’s one of the reasons why I LOVE video games. Overwatch in particular allows for many….ridiculous moments, so it feeds into my personality quite well.

    5. What heroes do you mainly play and what do you enjoy about each hero?

      Most of my hours are on Tracer and Mercy. The last couple seasons I’ve been focusing on Soldier, Ana, Pharah and D.Va.

      I’ve always been attracted to glass cannons, so when I first picked up Overwatch I actually thought I was going to love Widowmaker (since I mained sniper in my previous games), but I was very disappointed by her low mobility. At least, compared to what I was used to. She can’t even hop and shoot at the same time, while I’m used to having jetpacks and sniping mid-air. So I decided to try out full mobility with Tracer. At first I did a TON of blinking off the map and dying by my own pulse bombs (lol?), but slowly yet surely I got better at Tracer. I think one of my strongest abilities as a gamer is being able to predict in the middle of chaos, and that’s essentially how Tracer survives. I’m always tracking hog hook cooldowns, Mccree stuns, Ana grenades as I’m bouncing around in the backline. It’s totally an adrenaline rush and feels SO good when I get all my timing and prediction right. Of course there are MANY times when all goes wrong, but that’s okay! I try to find the lesson in every failure.

      I love playing Mercy because I get to utilize those prediction skills. I like flying around constantly and tracking all the movements of my enemies as they try to murder me. Combine that with calculating survivability of my teammates and I’m back on the adrenaline high of high-pressure gaming. It’s a different kind of pressure from Tracer, but I enjoy it thoroughly.

    6. What is one hero in Overwatch you’d love to learn how to play and why?

      Sombra. I love flanking and causing chaos in the backline, which Sombra can do!

    7. How did you find out about Death Blossoms?

      I was looking up female Overwatch teams and came across Melonie Mac’s YouTube video announcing that she’s wanting to put together an all-girls team. I figured I should try out. Little did I know this was going to turn into an entire community 🙂 I do want to expand on one thing here tho – the reason for my initial quest. In my solo queue life I had really shitty experiences with sexist assholes. It got pretty tough at times, but I made an effort to continue to use voice comms to try to normalize a female presence within the OW community. Eventually I decided I wanted to do more to strengthen that presence, and joining an all-girls competitive team seemed to be a way to do that. Death Blossoms legit blossomed into a community I hadn’t even dreamed was possible, and I am SO STOKED to be a part of it!

    8. What do you like most about being in Death Blossoms? Any favorite memories or moments you’d like to share?

      THE EPIC-AS-FUCK WOMEN IN THIS CLAN!!!!! Seriously, the people make this community amazing. Everyone has their own set of skills, in-game and out, and it’s wonderful being able to have a supportive and awesome community of badass women to play games with. My favorite memories are definitely with my old team – Nightshade. We were a group of six girls that were all pretty much addicted to Overwatch, and we practiced 5x a week together. It was a shit ton of work, but we had so much fun doing it!

    9. In regards to the clip you shared, why did you choose this one and what do you like about it?

      This clip captures so perfectly how EXCITED I get when playing video games lol. Especially when I’m playing a new hero and I do something cool like reflecting Hanzo dragons 🙂 Though this particular clip was even more awesome for me because literally two minutes before this reflect, I was telling my team that one of my goals in life was to reflect a Hanzo ult. TWO MINUTES BEFORE!

    10. Is there anything else you would like to add? Your social media links or maybe a shoutout?

      A super duper shoutout to my amazing husband Ed who has been so supportive throughout my OW addiction 🙂 A huge thank you to my partner admin Chococat for her continued dedication to the community, and all of our AMAZEBALLS OFFICERS that keep Death Blossoms chill-as-fuck. Seriously, you guys all rock <3


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